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Second track initiatives will be conducted through close cooperation with local/regional universities and other academic/research-based institutions within the region. This element will also include international academicians in their programmes and activities.

This will also be encouraged to involve representatives from civil society and relevant groups in the region to participate and provide additional inputs. Strategic partner engagements will be conducted in order to maximise content, resources as well as existing literatures deemed relevant with WCP’s objectives.

Additionally, the goal of WCP’s research-based engagements is the creation of modules based on the four strategic agendas.



Research Grants Award 2018/2019

Pendekatan Fiqh Anti Keganasan dalam Menangani Gejala Ekstremisme Agama Kalangan Wanita
The Formation of Islamophobia and Perception of Islam Among Non-Muslim Undergraduates
Kompetensi Moral sebagai Mekanism untuk Pemikiran Kesederhanaan dalam Menghadapi Ledakan Maklumat
A Grounded Theory Approach to Discovering the Conceptualisation of ‘Moderate Muslims’ By A Multicultural and Multi-Faith Society
International Perception on The Concept of Moderation (Wasatiyyah) in Malaysia
Toleransi Etnik dan Agama dalam Kalangan Belia di Malaysia
Social Media Network and Its Influence on Violent Extremism Intention Among Youth in Malaysia
Constructing Sustainable De-Radicalisation Strategy on Controlling Radicalisation Among Youth in Malaysia
Pendekatan Wasatiyyah dalam Menangani Isu Sensitif Kalangan Masyarakat Majmuk di Malaysia
Understanding the Ideology of Radicalism and Violent Extremism in Malaysia For Counter Narrative Framework
Sustainability in Education Towards Global Citizenship
Peace Education Curriculum Model Based on Intercultural Context at Tertiary Level Via Interpretive Structural Modelling
The Ideology of Isis@Daesh: A Study of Dabiq And Rumiyah
Pembentukan Barometer Risiko Tingkahlaku Ekstremisme dalam Kalangan Belia Awal Malaysia
Kajian Mengenai Ancaman Militan Daesh dalam Kalangan Masyarakat Malaysia
Interethnic Bridging Social Capital Among Gen Y Workforce in Malaysia
Enhancing Malaysian Youth Leadership Programs Built on A ‘Moderation-Based Leadership Model’ Through Exploration of Stakeholders Perspectives: A Grounded Theory Approach
Peranan Wanita dalam Mengekang dan Membanteras Ekstremisme di Rantau Asia Tenggara
Women Leadership and Empowerment Strategies in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Malaysia
Pendekatan Menangani Islamophobia dalam Kalangan Masyarakat Cina di Malaysia